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We supply a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are available to view @ Stonecraft Paving Centre,Mogul Lane,Cradley ,Halesowen .Please call or stop by for more information on products, current promotions and custom options. All our driveways & patios are constructed using only type 1 mot road stone ,tarmac drives consist of at least a 50mm  layer of a 20mm base course binder and surfaced with a 25-30mm layer of an SMA (Stone Mastic Asphalt or a Maxi drive+ 6mm wearing course ,hence the saying" you pay for what you get"=QUALITY.


M Y Outdoor Services Ltd can not accept liability for the swelling or subsidence of the ground where patios &driveways are affecting due to adverse weather conditions (flooding, freezing etc. ) MY Outdoor Services Ltd uses products that are made from high quality aggregates,
cement and inorganic pigments and specifically designed for domestic use.  Although
we take every care that the information given on our website is accuratet and up to date no liability of any kind (including liability for negligence)It is the customers responsibility to care and maintain block paved driveways once blocks are laid(sealing ,weed killing etc)it is advised on tarmac driveways that once long journeys in vehicles have been made that not park on driveway immediately  and skew power stearing as tyres are still hot a can possibly scuff tarmac and this is more so in hot temperatures (This is classed as cold turning and should be avoided to prolong the life of the driveway especially in the early months of tarmac being laid allowing the Tarmac to oxidate  and harden)
Colours and finish of products shown on this website are accurate at the time of publishing but we strongly recommend that you view the actual product before purchasing.

No responsibility is accepted for use of the product other than that intended by the manufacturer.

Although not affecting your statutory rights, please note that the company cannot accept liability in respect of costs such as uplifting and relaying defective product if upon inspection, it transpires that the defect ought to have been evident before laying.


Our concrete products used cannot accept any liability for temporary effects of the natural phenomenon of efflorescence, which can appear in both concrete products with a high cement content and some types of natural stone.  This white powdery like substance is extremely common on both un laid and laid concrete products. It ranges from a mild bloom which gives the appearance of colour loss to large white blotches on the surface.  Its appearance can be very spasmodic and unpredictable but it not detrimental to the performance of the concrete.  It can also show itself as streaks or a mottled or spotted effect.  Although most commonly associated with concrete paving products efflorescence can also affect natural stone when it is laid on a full mortar bed. Limestone products can be particularly susceptible.  This is a temporary phenomenon caused by the chemical reaction between water and cement which will weather out naturally and does not damage the paving.  There are many efflorescence removers on the market but we recommend it is left to weather out naturally to avoid any damage to the surface of the paving.  Efflorescence is not a fault of manufactured or natural stone.